bartering we will go

It has been a long time coming, but Firstlight Photography is getting a shiny new website!  The barter system is alive and well and our web story is living proof.  Last fall I shot a wedding for a fabulous couple and we were able to work out a trade for services.  The groom has done some amazing coding but I have been struggling with the overall design when my pal Camron of Level 70 Design stepped in to do some mock ups for us.  We love our network of incredibly talented friends (including Kieran and Sherri Murray and their exuberant take on social networking).  I can’t wait to see what Camron does for our weddings page!

door #1 or door #2?

The below mock ups are two different takes on one commercial photography page (to see our current page click here).  Which one tickles your fancy the most?  Please post your comments and help us make a decision.  The overall look will find its way onto our wedding, portraitsports pages.  Our new web will also feature landscapes.

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  • Kim

    I like Door #2 because it features all the links to the social sharing sites immediately on the home page. I think the “Blogs” tab should appear on the right side of the “Landscapes” tab, so that all photo formats are grouped in a continuous line across the top. But that’s just my 2 cents! I really like them both!

  • Thanks for the comment Kim, I also appreciate the catch on the blog and landscape tabs. The problem with spending so much time looking at something is that you stop seeing all of it.

  • Evan

    I like door number two. The repetition of the dark grey above and below the brushed steel frames the main stage nicely.

  • I believe #2 is the better choice. I also agree with the first poster that the photo buttons should be grouped together.

  • Tiffany Rapozo

    Door #2 Kier! No wasted space at the bottom of the page plus the social networking links are a great idea.