March 24, 2011

Want to make your senior portrait stand out from the masses? Use props! Below is a guide for choosing awesome, photogenic props to complement your talents and interests.

1. Musical Instruments. If you are a musician, what could be more perfect? Now, whether you are a composed classical pianist or a bad-a** rockstar is up to you.

Rockstar Style

Pic: 30sleeps.com

Hippie Style

Pic: music-for-music-teachers.com

2. Art. If you’re artistic, rock the paintbrushes, spray paint or pottery wheel. Whatever works.

Pic: lowriderarte.automotive.com

3. Athlete. Skateboard, skis, bat, ball, goggles.


Pic: 123rf.com

4. Fashionista. Apply makeup, twirl your hair and kiss your purse like a Gucci model!

Pretty Girls

Pic: glamcheck.com

5. But All I Do is Text and Sleep! Well . . .


Pic: avecmobile.com