GONNA SNAP! Photo Booth


We went with an open air setup so you and your guests can step out of the box! Think of it more like a mini studio than a box you have to cram yourself into like a clown car.

Customize the heck out of your Gonna Snap! Booth. We have a sweet range of print templates, cool backdrops and a totally awesome range of props to choose from, BUT don't let us hold you back...

If you're the designy / DIY type, or you're working with a stylist, then go totally nuts. Let's all work together to create something that is amazing and totally you.

Go for it! For the time that you've hired Gonna Snap!, you can use it as much as you like. Want a photo with your partner? Not a problem. Want a photo with that waiter serving your table? Go for it. Partner AND waiter? Why the heck not? It's your booth, use it as you like. After each session we print out the photos that you can take home and stick on the fridge.

Open air photo booth, backdrops & fun props, unlimited sessions, prints for your guests, digital copies for you, custom text or logo printed on photos & online gallery.

GONNA SNAP! PHOTO BOOTH ------------------ $850
Photo Booth (with wedding or event) -----------$650

• Setup and packup
• Three (3) hours of photo booth fun
• Choice of backdrop
• Trunk of props
• Choice of photo design
• Gonna Snap! booth attendant
• A web gallery of your images
• Free full resolution downloads

Green Screen Background • $75
Extra hours - $150• per extra hour
Idle Time - $75• per hour

Hashtag Printing

We can help you pick a unique hashtag for your weddng day, then on the big day we wil set up a dedicated printer that will print photos posted to Facebook or Instagram with your hashtag. Of course for this magic to work we rely on your venue having a good wifi signal.

Hashtag Printer - $100 (up to 100 prints)
Extra Prints - $75 (each extra 100 prints)