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September 25, 2015

hally and lou pic monkey

We were beyond thrilled when Refinery29, a fashion and style website, contacted us for a feature one of our amazing wedding couples – Hally and Lou.  Both were gorgeous tattooed brides that chose dresses to highlight their artwork.  This post is a true testament that the perceptions around tattoos are changing.  No more cover up makeup.  Brides are proud to show off their ink!

The Refinery29 post highlights 10 beautiful brides who refused to cover their tattoos up.  We were so pleased they let us photograph their big day!

About Refinery29

Refinery29, the fastest growing independent fashion and style website in the United States, is a lifestyle platform that delivers nonstop inspiration to help women live a more stylish and creative life. It connects over 21 million monthly visitors and 1.9 million email subscribers with 24/7 programming covering everything from shopping and beauty to wellness and celebrities, giving readers all the tips, tricks, and tools they need to live a more beautiful life — and share it with the world.

About Firstlight Photography

We are a husband and wife duo that is so very fortunate to do what we love.  The most amazing people choose us to photograph their engagement and wedding day. 

We offer a wide range of services and products and custom design each package.  How does this work?  It is as easy as 1,2,3.

1.  We’ll meet over coffee or Skype and review your wedding ideas
2.   With you, we craft a wedding schedule that helps you design a package
3.  Several weeks before your wedding we contact you and make any necessary updates

Throughout the time leading up to your wedding please feel free to contact us with questions or referral requests.  We’ve been part of hundreds of weddings so we are prepared and always happy to lend a hand.

Our photography studio is located between Seattle and Tacoma.  We cover Washington, Oregon and California but that is just the beginning.  You can book us for your destination wedding or event.

In addition to wedding photography we also provide photo booth services, corporate photography, lifestyle photography and boudoir/pinup photography.

September 07, 2015

Here is a sneak peek of several wedding photos from Hally and Lou’s Salish Lodge wedding.  With a backdrop of the lodge and Snoqualmie Falls, Firstlight Photography knew this wedding would serve up amazing images.  Working with this couple and the wedding venue was a real treat.

Seeing both brides as they appeared in their gowns was a breathtaking moment.  Two elegant brides with the most amazing dresses – what is not to love about this day?  Their love shines through and it truly shows in their photographs.

We are honored to be able to photograph the weddings of some of the most amazing people.  It truly is a labor of love.  Thank you to all of our clients for letting us be responsible for capturing your wedding photography.  Truly this is a job we take very seriously.  We know we get but one chance to deliver and we work our hardest to exceed your expectations.

Contact Kier and Mitzi to schedule your consultation.  We will help you outline your wedding day schedule.


As a wedding photographer couple, we realize there are many choices to be made while planning a Washington wedding.  How do you go about choosing  the right people for THE big day?  The type of wedding ceremony you imagine will set the tone and help you begin your planning.   With many weddings under our belt we have noticed that the officiant is essentially  your quarterback.

So, who do couples turn to?  For those planning a church wedding this is a no brainer.  For some it is finding a friend that is outgoing and ready to take on the challenge and responsibility of pulling off a ceremony (and often times getting ordained online).  And, for others, couples are searching for an officiant to help pull off the day.

As wedding photographers we get invited to the best parties throughout the year.  Each is different and unique.  Sure you have all of your decorations and centerpieces, but there are several things that will stand out.  Your ceremony is one.  And, well, as photographers of course we’re going to say another is the photos!

A few wedding seasons back we photographed three weddings with the same officiant.  Considering how many weddings are held in the Puget Sound region each year we realized this was not a fluke.  After the third wedding, Annemarie Juhlian noted that it was clear that our clients were looking for the same characteristics in wedding vendors.  So, just pinch us because we consider it a treat to get to work with Annemarie Juhlian.  Truth be told, she typically gets Mitzi’s eyes to well up at some point in the wedding ceremony.  She is telling a love story.  She is honoring those that are no longer with us.  She is showing just how much this couple truly loves one another.  And, somewhere along the way, when the ceremony gets a little deep or sentiments run high, she is able to artfully bring in laughter and helps showcase the joy of it all.  Her wedding ceremonies clearly show that she invests in her clients and designs a custom ceremony that is authentic and a solid representation of the couple.  Three years in we have witnessed (and yes, Mitzi has literally been a witness for an elopement couple) how each couple’s ceremony is a one of a kind and unique event.

In the wedding officiant world, she has the major “it” factor.  She can’t hide just how much she loves what she does.  As wedding photographers we connect with our couples on a friendship and trust level.  We’re a big part of the day.   Realize that you will spend  lots and lots of time  with your vendors so make sure they are personable and, even more important, you like them!  Picking the right wedding vendors is going to help set the amazing tone of your wedding day.

Get to know your potential wedding vendors.  They should be ready to hear you and make time for you.  They should reach out to your other vendors.  They too should inspire you and act as a sounding board as you plan your wedding details.  It is important to connect on a variety of levels.  Having confidence is key.  Having fun and developing trust really is paramount.  Your wedding vendor should be part of your team.  Build a team of professionals that help you define your vision and are invested.  Do your homework and ask oodles and oodles of questions.  And, don’t worry.  We won’t think you are a bridezilla.  We’ll think you are a savvy engaged couple that is building a team that will be an asset for all.








August 03, 2011

We love what we do and feel so fortunate that we have met amazing wedding vendors over the years. We just got a referral from Annemarie Juhlian, an amazing nondenominational officiant serving the Puget Sound and beyond region.

Last year we ended up doing three weddings with her (which is alot with just one officiant).  We realized our clients were similar and we loved working together.  She does a great job of getting to know the couple and crafting a very specialized service.  She basically makes Mitzi wife tear up every single time.  She is thoughtful and it shines through.

We are fortunate to get to work with her on many elopements.  She started an amazing site called Elope Seattle Style.  She guides couples through all the ropes for a Puget Sound elopement.