January 14, 2010

By the end of the week we’re all feeling more than just a little stressed out and Robyn at Ubiquitous Journey in Puyallup has the perfect solution.  Come by her store, located on Meridian and 152nd, on Friday’s between 11:00am -2:00pm and have a cup of tea, relax and have a look around.  When you’re done with the tea, you can get an amazing chair massage from Candi Duncan L.M.P. from A Touch To Heal Therapy.  The massage will cost you only $1.00 per minute AND if you spend $10 in Ubi’s you will receive 10% off of your massage.  You really can’t beat the deal and there is lots of really great stuff at Ubi’s, so spending the $10 won’t be a problem at all.

Besides offering a great selection of organic teas she is also our local spice merchant with a great assortment of organic spices at very reasonable prices and believe me, they taste way better than the bottled spices you’ll find at the local grocery store.  My favorite purchase recently has been my bamboo T-Shirts, they’re organic and they’re really soft.  You can also view a few of my photographs while you’re there.  Now, you can’t beat that.

Ubiquitous Journey
15011 Meridian E. Suite C
Puyallup, WA 98375