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March 30, 2012

We love Offbeat Bride and the clients it brings our way.  When we did our pre-shoot phone consult, Alyson had a major game plan.  There was no lack of ideas so we were pretty excited to get the show on the road.

We sensed the couple was going to be fantastic to photograph. We met Andy and Alyson at their Seattle/Georgetown engagement shoot.  Since they are getting hitched at the Central Cinema in Seattle, we started there and then whisked off to the Georgetown Ballroom.  Both are amazing venues.

We feel so lucky to get to work with the couple’s that choose us.  We have really focused on our niche and we aren’t turning back.  And, yes, that is a hint for an upcoming blog about defining your clients.  Just another reason we LOVE what we do.






We have been doing our Little Black Book boudoir studio for less than a year but have built a great client base – mostly by word of mouth.  When the phone started ringing off the hook in December we were stumped but then a client told us  the Weekly Volcano’s Naughty and Nice Holiday Gift Guide featured us.  We hopped online, read the review and squealed with delight!


While many of our client’s were able to give the gift of boudoir for the winter holiday season, many are working on some pretty steamy Valentine’s Day gifts as well!  Do you still need a sexy gift for your special someone?  We have some open dates available but we have to do your shoot before February 2nd to ensure photos are ready!

In case you didn’t see the Volcano write up, here it is!  In our world, flattery will get you everywhere!  Thanks Volcano staff!

Way more flattering than your cell phone and a mirror 
Want to give the gift of self in a more permanent fashion? “Little Black Book” boudoir studio by Firstlight Photography can capture the hottest side of you.  The husband and wife photography team create lasting images of beauty and grace for all shapes and sizes.  Elegant lighting, flattering poses and excellent customer relations make the experience of having your naughty bits caught on celluloid an exhilarating experience. Only as much of you will be revealed as you desire. Be it tasteful and subtle, or full-blown sexy and provocative, the results will be worthy of any bombshell or movie star. –  Ginger Knoxx

pixelsPhoto Courtesy of

If there is one thing we are going to tell you to do for your wedding it is to make a schedule!  As wedding photographers at Firstlight Photography we know that, without a plan, bedlam will likely ensue.

We didn’t put together a detailed day of wedding schedule for the couple when we first started, but now it is just part of our wedding packages.  Some couples hire a wedding planner and that make our work easy.  We still communicate with the planner regarding our photography schedule.

If couples don’t go the way of a planner, we begin crafting a schedule early in the process.  Our couples have told us that it is a great exercise – one that makes them get their ducks in a row.  And for us, we have a schedule that we can use as our road map for the day.

Wedding Timeline Tips

1.  Be realistic about your wedding schedule.  Make sure you leave enough time for each segment.  If you have too much on your list, you may need to pare it down.

2.  Share your schedule with family and attendants at least a week before your wedding day.  Seeing things in black and white might help those slow pokes – you know, the friends that are always 15 + minutes late.  It is a great tool to make everyone accountable.  Don’t forget to share with other wedding vendors.  Having everyone on the same page is your secret weapon.

2.5  Make a a fun graphic wedding timeline to help keep guests in the loop as well.  We especially love the inspired Wedding Timeline Card by Pixels to Paper as seen above.

3.  Appoint a wedding time keeper.  This important job shouldn’t go to a close family member or any attendants as they have enough on their to do list.  Ask someone that knows both families to lend a hand.  A schedule is only good if someone is actually keeping track of time.

4.  Give your wedding photographer permission to steer the off course ship.  Did you know that your photographer is your right hand man/woman the day of?  We are your shadow and, therefore, are usually the first to recognize a time slip.  Have a discussion before the big day and let your photographer know it is A-OK to let you know when you have fallen behind.  The last thing we want to do is to stress you.  These agreements can really make your day go smoothly and will keep your vendor from feeling like a nag.

5.  Realize you can’t plan or prepare for everything.  You can surround yourself with loved ones and vendors that are in place to keep you calm and to act like McGyver when things might begin to go wonky.  Honestly, some of these things make for the best stories.

Most important – don’t forget why you are doing this in the first place!