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November 25, 2009

Firstlight Photography welcomes Molly!

These pictures of Molly were taken within her first week.  It is a crazy time for new parents – even experienced parents like Molly’s (she’s their fourth girl!) but these early shots are so amazing.

Because it is hard for new parents to travel to our studio, we like to bring the show on the road.  Within minutes our lights and backdrop are ready to go – right in the comfort of your own home.  This is especially helpful for the parents of young children. 

Keep Firstlight Photography on speed dial and we can pay you a visit when your new addition arrives.

Please call 253.335.7958 to find out about our winter portrait specials.

November 08, 2009
Raw Corn2

Photo Courtesy of Raw Corn

I love facebook and its many connections to my friends now and from the past.  I just watched a video of Raw Corn busking in the Pike Place Market.  I know Ronn, singer and guitar player extraordinaire, from my early college days when I worked at his record store – for those of you too young to realize this,  there used to be stores that sold vinyl and cassette tapes!


Photo Courtesy of Raw Corn

I decided I needed to see and hear more than the one video so I googled Raw Corn and found their myspace page.   You can also find Raw Corn on facebook.

It isn’t too often you find a duo that rocks their acoustic set with just a guitar and accordion but Raw Corn is more fun than I can handle on this Sunday morning.  I can’t imagine a song these two couldn’t play.  One of my favorites is “Blitzkrieg Bop” originally done by the Ramones.  I love the remake and its polka-esque vibe.  It is a good romp.  I also like their version of Elvis Costello’s “Peace Love and Understanding” and found myself thinking that these guys need to blog. 

Being in the wedding business I have met some fabulous business owners.  I know right away those that I hope to work with at a wedding.  I must say that doing a wedding with these guys would be spectacular.  We tend to attract fun and vibrant couples and I just have to imagine that Raw Corn would be the perfect duo for one of our upcoming weddings.  Not only are they experienced musicians, they are comedians as well.  This is not your typical wedding band.

Check them out and let us know what you think!  I would love an excuse to work with these two.

I see the Monkee’s hit “I’m a Believer” as a top wedding must have.